Timec is a leading provider of maintenance, turnarounds and capital construction services to industrial facilities across the US. We have access to a national resource pool and we routinely execute projects >200,000 manhours.
Safety and quality are our highest values and we are proud to have best-in-class safety performance each year. Timec is 5+ years without a leak on unit start-up across 100,000+ mechanical connections and had a weld reject rate of 2.25% across 15,492 welds in 2017.
Our additives offer many benefits in multiple applications, but the goal is always the same — to improve the quality and functionality of our customers’ formulations.
We pioneered a Seven-Phase Shutdown Model that drives efficiency and productivity outcomes across projects. This model includes a diligent turnaround planning process that helps us meet our customers’ key performance indicators in areas such as safety, scheduling, budget, and quality.
Timec is at the forefront of utilizing technology and developed MainT/Ain™, a cloud-based solution for real-time access to data. This data helps drive productivity in the field.

We offers the industrial user a high-performance range of lubricants for various tribological challenges. Wide range options of lubricants just right for your successful project. Specialty Lubricants for Critical Industrial Applications.
Base Oil

Base oils are the building blocks used to manufacture motor oils and other lubricants like grease, lube oils. etc. Better viscosity control and reduced volatility help cut lubricant consumption and provide fuel economy benefits
Spare Parts

Quick Deal Co. has emerged as one of the largest suppliers of all kinds of automobile spare parts to many African countries.Quick Deal Co. has emerged as one of the largest suppliers of all kinds of automobile spare parts to many African countries.
Plastic Polymer

We offer our customers everything related to plastic solutions flexible packaging to meet the requirements and needs of agriculture, industry and construction sectors. Our business supplies the resin polymers including PP, PE, PET, PS, ABS, PVC, etc. which are essential in the industry of a wide range of goods.

We have been servicing a wide range of customers with diverse battery applications. We have a wide range of customers base from Airlines, Hotels, Facilities Management to Retail clients.


Our capacity to offer a complete range of filters from the extreme old model filters to the latest high performing filters for the industry.

We are one of the leading, reliable and reputed multipurpose tyre trading organisation in UAE, which deals in various brands and qualities of tyres, tubes, valves, tools and o’rings.