Choosing the right lubricant for your vehicle is very important.

We have a wide range of automotive lubricants for engine, gears, transmissions and other vital parts of heavy,medium and light commercial vehicles, passenger cars and industrial applications.

We are a fast-growing company with our parent company GIL (Golden International Lubricants) being based in the UAE. Being the manufacturers and sole distributors of Many Lubricants Brand, we have the great chance to introduce our exclusive range of lubricants, formulated with a unique virgin base blend.

We are a dedicated team made up of experienced enthusiasts with deep roots in the Automotive and Lubricant industry, our individual team members all have diverse sets of skills contributing to a common cause, “creating an oil brand whose performance speaks for itself”.

Together we have combined our range of skills and expertise acquired over the years alongside GIL’s own manufacturing experience since 2008 . We are equipped to produce premium quality lubricants, so when it comes to engine oil rest assured your engine is in safe hands.

As modern engines have become more technologically advanced with various performance boosting mechanisms all of which have sensitive oil requirements, superior oil quality is essential to sufficiently lubricate crucial engine parts during high-pressure combustion across wider temperature ranges.

Our BMW master technicians and engineers on board have been collecting critical data through a variety of engine tests that our oil technicians and chemists can convert and translate into a durable oil formulation that is fit for purpose.

The chemists and oil technicians on our team always ensure that we maintain our high standards of base oils and additives in order to guarantee consistent quality. Behind the scenes, our engineers continually monitor engine performance and collect quantitative data for research purposes in order to further our company’s vision in lubricant superiority.

We maintain a valued relationship with all our customers, ranging from large businesses to even the individual car owners. We always take on feedback and try to give our customers the best service we have to offer.


Quality is at the heart of our business, we understand the need for superiority in engine oil to keep up with modern high-performance engines. It is for this reason that all our blends are manufactured using the highest standards of virgin base oils & additives.
Our research demonstrates that constant use of poor quality oil will continually cause irreversible damage to internal engine parts and cost more fuel in the long run. We also know that certain engines may under perform if the oil isn’t strong and thin enough at the same time. Otto Lube has been specifically formulated to boost the performance of such engines.


Our clean guard technology is formulated using additives that protects internal engine components and prevents internal engine wear. It is also designed to protect superchargers, turbos and exhaust particulate filters.
When engine oil starts to break down, the sulfur within the oil reacts under high engine temperature to create sulfuric acid, this reactive acid will permanently damage internal engine components over time.
Main benefits include:
  • Reduced engine wear
  • Prolonged engine life
  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Horsepower performance maintained for longer


Our goal is to provide consumers with high quality oil for affordable prices.