It gives you a quicker start

Do you want to know how you become No.1?

It’s always to be a step ahead,If you have driven your car in freezing temperatures,

You know the ignition doesn’t always start as easily as you want.

What you need is a powerful battery, GLOBAL, from the largest battery manufacturer in Korea.

With the overwhelming power of GLOBAL, you will always be the first one out of the blocks.

It saves you a lot of troubles

Another No.1 secret is long-lasting power.

You may travel through the forests, deserts, mud, water or snow .

GLOBAL will set you at ease, with long lasting power, wherever you go.

GLOBAL, the symbol of power and durability, makes you No.1.


  • For passenger car, bus and truck
  • Heavy duty commercial (construction equipment, tractor-trailer etc.)
  • JIS, DIN, BCI and Australia standard